A unique feature of church life in England, paralleled nowhere else in the world, has been the development of a network of Intermediate Bodies – mostly corresponding to counties or large cities.  

Just as it’s healthy for an individual every so often to stop and take stock of their life, so it is for Intermediate Bodies. Sometimes a review takes place when a key person, such as a senior Church Leader or a County Ecumenical Officer, leaves or arrives. Sometimes a problem arises and it seems wise to consider things more broadly, looking again at the aims of the Intermediate Body, asking what changes for the better could be made and, perhaps, looking again at its membership. At its best, a review is life-giving and energising. 

Sometimes a review can take a long time to complete – such as the Birmingham Churches Together review (2006-2007) – others can be very quick, especially if there is an underlying consensus which just needs unearthing. If there is need for speed, asking just one person to undertake the review can help. 

Help and resources

  • Before embarking on a review, read more to understand the purpose of Intermediate Bodies
  • If you want advice, Doral Hayes is your first port of call (CTE’s Principal Officer for Ecumenical Development and Relations)
  • CTE has produced an extremely helpful, practical document with a lot of advice about reviewing an Intermediate Body (download via the button below). While Intermediate Bodies now tend to carry out lighter-touch reviews, and you may well not need all of it, we’d advise that it’s worthwhile reading this document before you beginning your review.
  • Still enormously useful and current is the document: A Review of Intermediate Ecumenical Life in England (2011). This valuable document reflects on all aspects of the life of an Intermediate Body and can be used easily for reflection or review of the vitality of Intermediate Bodies. Read more here.

Below are all the review reports CTE has. If yours is missing, or if the incorrect version of yours is here, please send the correct version to Lorraine Shannon.