Young Christian adults are a high priority for Churches Together in England. They are not just the leaders of tomorrow, they are often the leaders of today and bring great energy to revitalise the church.

CTE follows the World Council of Churches (WCC) definition of young adults as being aged 35 and under.

“Young people, 35 years old and below, have experienced exclusion from decision-making bodies…and intergenerational differences have generated mistrust. Young people – both in church and society – have been at the forefront of social, political, economic, and environmental issues while creating their own spaces of dialogue to confront such realities.”

WCC (2021)

In a generation that resists and can be suspicious of institutionalism, it is important that young adults seek and maintain relationships beyond their denomination to strengthen their Christian witness and their Christian identity. Ecumenism is a great way to do this.

CTE is intentionally engaging with a cohort of young ecumenists. We do this through three principal strands:

Find out more about the Bill Snelson Young Ecumenists Fund which opens for applications in September 2023.

Main photo credit: RC Diocese of East Anglia at World Youth Day 2023.