Nourishing the roots: a chance to refresh our ecumenical vision

This is the long-awaited and once-cancelled-due-to-Covid conference for all Ecumenical Officers. Please note that it has shifted to The Hayes, Derbyshire, so you may need to amend your diaries. Please don’t end up going either to Hertfordshire or to the wrong Swanwick…

The programme below gives an outline of the conference which, to celebrate our being able to meet again in a real room, will give only two hours to meetings in separate CEO-with-CTE-staff and denominational groupings.

Please be aware that CCT has started to charge us if people arrive early or stay late. The times you can arrive and depart are stated clearly on the programme.

Music at the conference will be co-ordinated by Anton Muller. Please indicate when you book if you’re musical and are willing to participate. We will, of course, abide by Covid rules on singing etc.

Book for the conference now please!

Please book for the conference via Eventbrite. (If you are a URC, Lancashire, Surrey or Norfolk & Waveney DEO you will have been sent a special link – please use that.) You will know that your booking is successful as Eventbrite sends a booking confirmation almost immediately. If you don’t receive yours, please check your spam folder and if that doesn’t work, email Lorraine Shannon. It may be that you have mis-typed your e-mail address.

Early bird tickets will be available until 10.00 am on Friday 30 July. Tickets after that date, until 10.00 am on Monday 6 September, will cost more and late booking tickets will attract a surcharge. These prices will change on Eventbrite at those times.

If you are not coming for the whole of the time you can choose one or more of the part-time tickets listed on Eventbrite. Please be aware that we can offer no discount if you aren’t staying for all the meals included in the tickets.

If you need to amend or cancel your booking, please don’t be in touch with us but log into Eventbrite. That link takes you to our cancellation policy and advice about how to log into Eventbrite.

Further information

  • Access the pre-conference papers below.
  • Download below information sheets about The Hayes or visit its website and travel information page.  
  • There is also practical information on the first page of the programme which we advise you strongly to read.

If you have a query, Lorraine Shannon, CTE’s Operations Manager, can help with practical details and Jenny Bond, CTE ‘s Principal Officer for Intermediate Ecumenism, Governance Support and Resources, can help with the content of the programme.

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