The annual All-Ecumenical Officers’ conference is planned by the National Ecumenical Officers (NEOs), working with CTE’s Jenny Bond. It includes significant time for Denominational Ecumenical Officers (DEOs) to gather in denominational meetings, while County Ecumenical Officers (CEOs) meet together with CTE staff. The remaining time is spent all together. 

Who is it for? 

This conference brings together Denominational Ecumenical Officers (DEOs), County Ecumenical Officers (CEOs), National Ecumenical Officers (NEOs), and staff of Churches Together in England (CTE). 

Background to the All-EOs’ conference 

As a way of supporting intermediate ecumenism (churches working together at the county level), the National Ecumenical Officers decided to hold a 24-hour conference for all Ecumenical Officers in 2019. The event Ecumenism Today was a great success, and a further conference was planned for 2020 (later postponed to 2021 due to the coronavirus). 

Prior to 2019, Ecumenical Officers rarely all gathered together. CEOs met annually for a Consultation with CTE staff and NEOs. Meanwhile, DEOs sometimes gathered with the NEO from their church denomination, with two denominations occasionally bringing their DEOs together. In May 2018, the Northern County Officers decided to gather together their DEOs for an overnight meeting. It was so successful that a further overnight event for Northern Officers was organised in April 2019.  

In the past it was only very occasionally that all Ecumenical Officers came together in one conference, for example for the 2017 Responding to the Reformation conference.