CTE Forum 2025 launch

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Bringing together more than three hundred representatives of Member Churches, Intermediate Bodies, Co-ordinating Groups and Charities and Networks in Association, the Churches Together in England Forum is the broadest ecumenical gathering of Christians in England. 

The CTE Forum happens every three years and will take place from teatime on Monday 17 March to lunchtime on Wednesday 19 March 2025 at The Hayes Conference Centre, Swanwick, Derbyshire.

Delegates to Forum will hear keynote addresses from senior Christian leaders including a President of the World Council of Churches, Rev Dr Susan Durber, Archbishop Doye Adama, Professor David Wilkinson, Bishop Claion Grandison and our CTE Presidents. A full list of speakers will be available later in 2024. There will also be the opportunity to attend seminars and workshops, to worship together and to make new ecumenical connections.

Forum is an opportunity to be encouraged by the diversity and depth of Christian witness in England, and to be enriched by forging new relationships and connections and listening deeply to one another.

The 2025 Forum theme is One But Not The Same: Celebrating diversity – Living with difference.

Rev Anton Muller, CTE Forum 2025 Moderator writes…

“The title of the 2025 Forum aims to encapsulate the ecumenical task of which the whole family of Churches Together in England is part. And like a family, every member is unique, not just in shape and size but in gifts, skills, aspirations, hopes and dreams.

The 2025 Churches Together in England Forum is our opportunity to experience the oneness we share in Christ, to celebrate the diversity that each of our traditions bring and to demonstrate that we are his disciples by the love we show for those who hold positions that our different to our own.

Families argue, families fight, families break down but as Fr Patrick Peyton CSC says, “the family that prays together stays together”. 

Forum is time for us all to learn together and from each other. This is our time to show what it means for the churches in England to be one family, as we journey together to engage across a range of opportunities and challenges in our rapidly changing world.”

Forum is a delegate conference and therefore not open to all. Find out how you might be able to attend.

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