Sometimes, for good or for ill, it’s time to recognise that a Local Ecumenical Partnership has come to an end. When this happens, the following points should be noted:

  • An LEP is a formal arrangement between Churches, not between congregations. So you need to ensure that the relevant Denominational Ecumenical Officers are informed. They can help you through the process of dissolution. If you have no DEO, please contact your relevant Church Leaders for advice and help. 
  • Be aware that you can’t just decide you are no longer an LEP. Legal considerations are involved.
  • Find your constitution and see what it says you need to do.  If you can’t find your constitution, your Intermediate Body/Sponsoring Body should have a copy as should the sponsoring denominations (diocese, district, synod, assembly).
  • If you need help, please use the special LEP help-email. (CTE can’t assist you here.)
  • As you work though the process of dissolving the LEP, be aware of the pastoral needs of the people in the LEP. Ensure that you find a way of celebrating the achievements and gifts of the LEP and pray well for the future. It may be helpful to invite your  Church Leaders (bishop, chair, moderator etc) to be there with you.
  • Please ensure that you submit the news of the formal closure of the LEP by contacting Lorraine Shannon.

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