Everyone loves a good story…

Watch 'The art of storytelling' webinars held by CTE and the Council of Lutheran Churches in February 2023.

Stories teach. Stories connect. Stories inspire.

Through ‘The art of storytelling’ events we learned the power of stories to share the Christian message – whether from the pulpit, as spokenword or through the media.

We recorded the three webinar sessions and are pleased to share them here.

The art of storytelling

Led by Pastor Flemming Kloster Poulsen, who as an award-winning storyteller shared his insights into how to connect with listeners. He reminded us of the power of stories as seen in Acts 4.

Download Pastor Flemming’s one-page guide to storytelling.

The art of spoken word

Pastor Paul Faulkner and CTE General Secretary Bishop Mike Royal introduced the spokenword art form. Spokenword is a type of poetry that is intentionally written to be performed. We learned about the power of rhyme and rhythm and pause.

The art of media engagement

Public relations expert Marcia Dixon and Director of the Religion Media Centre Michael Wakelin shared their expertise on how to get the press to pick up stories from a church or Churches Together group. Marcia spoke about the need for planning, persistence and professionalism. Michael said churches need to better understand the role of the media and not see them as the enemy. And encouraged churches to identify and refine the key messages. He said “take me there; make me care”.

Download Marcia Dixon’s presentation.

Download Michael Wakelin’s presentation.