New General Secretary for CLC

The Council of Lutheran Churches has appointed Rev Meelis Süld to succeed Dr Anna Krauss.

Rev Meelis Süld has been appointed as the General Secretary of the Council of Lutheran Churches in Great Britain (CLC).

Rev Meelis has been a member of CLC’s staff as Outreach Manager for the last four years and is well known in the Lutheran, ecumenical and Christian journalistic community in the UK and beyond. He is also a pastor in the Lutheran Church in Great Britain, currently serving at St Anne’s Lutheran Church in London.

Rev Meelis shared his excitement about taking up the role of General Secretary. He says that his dream is for CLC to be known in UK society through a charitable initiative or a project that serves the whole Christian community or country: “I would like to see what our member churches would like to offer to the wider society. I think it is important that Lutherans are visible and known for their contribution to the public.”

CLC’s Chairman, Mr Per Jonsson, who is also new in post, noted the importance of having an ordained General Secretary, as to maintain a good balance between lay and clergy people in leadership. Commenting on Rev Meelis’s journalistic background as broadcaster and religious editor, he noted: “We have to make ourselves known to the wider audience and tell them what we stand for and why we exist. Meelis’s background will be very helpful in that.”

The Council of Lutheran Churches in Great Britain is a national Member Church of CTE.