Churches collaborating in ecumenical mission through the creative arts and working with artists.


Chaplaincy is an excellent way for churches to join together to offer pastoral care, listening and support to people within an institution, such as a hospital, school or prison.

Children and Families

A series of ideas helping you think about how churches in your area can creatively engage with children and families.

Debt counselling

Collaborative mission helping people caught in the cycle of debt and financial distress.


There is enormous potential for churches to work together in educational settings.


Churches can work together to help tackle the climate emergency


Evangelism is simply sharing the good news of the story of Jesus

Food poverty

Ways in which churches are working together to provide for those suffering from food poverty, hunger and insecurity

Fresh expressions

Fresh expressions is a contextual ecumenical mission movement across England.


Churches are coming together to help provide services for homeless people in towns and cities across England.  

Key moments in the year

Many churches come together to mark various moments in the year – taking the opportunity to pray, worship and witness together.

Local mission together

What does it look like when churches work together locally in a particular place (a town or large village)?

Mental health

Churches can pool their resources to find ways of helping people improve their mental health.

New Housing Areas

Churches working together to see new church communities come into being in new housing estates

New unity movements

Church unity in England is rich and complex, and we rejoice as we see other organisations working for the unity of the church.

Older people

Ways that churches can work together to reach and bless older people


Prayer is pivotal to our unity

Prison ministry

Churches coming together to visit, pray for and bless those in prisons and their families.

Racial justice

Addressing the social injustice of racism is a vital way churches can work together to ensure the flourishing of all.


Find out more about our mission research library and the Mission Research Network

Rural contexts

Churches in rural contexts have unique opportunities to work together in collaborative ways

Social action

All across England, churches are coming together to help their communities in practical ways.


Churches are finding new and creative ways to reach sporting communities across England.

Street Pastors and Street Angels

Street Pastor and Street Angel teams see Christians from different churches collaborating to patrol their streets, caring, listening and helping people.

Young people

Ways that churches can work together to reach young people