Cherry Hamilton, Communications Manager from the website, asks:

Do you find evangelism difficult?  

Let us help you! is an online encyclopedia of what Christians believe – from Jesus to faith, love, death, sex, suffering and enjoying life to the full.  

We reflect the breadth of belief of the CTE member churches, providing clearly-written, mainstream, regularly updated, pastoral articles.

And reporting to the CTE’s Group for Evangelisation, it’s a safe pair of hands.  

Importantly, we encourage visitors to email us.  And I’m delighted to be able to give a considered, personal response to their questions about Christianity.  Most people enjoy the relative anonymity that talking to a Christian over email provides. And I’ve been privileged to continue conversations with some people over the course of months, and to see them grow spiritually.  But we don’t hold on to people – we encourage and help them to become part of their local church and attend local Christian courses.  

Oh, and we never, ever contact anyone out the blue.  We only ever reply.  And we work with other organisations, where there is extra need, for example passing them on to The Samaritans.  

Whether your church is preparing flyers to drop around the community, creating a website, printing weekly service sheets, writing an email footer, or indeed anything that a non-church goer might see, simply put a link to on it, and we’ll do the rest.  

Telling people the Good News can be really hard.  Let us make it a little easier for you.