New unity movements

Church unity in England is rich and complex, and we rejoice as we see other organisations working for the unity of the church.

We at CTE recognise the growth of new unity movements across the UK in the past decade. We delight in churches working together and want to support these movements in any way we can. The work of unity is complex, ongoing and impossible for one organisation to take full responsibility for.

New unity movements have helped put a missional impetus back into the ecumenical landscape, making doing mission together the guiding principle and focusing on relationships between church leaders at the local, regional and national level.

We are pleased to have close working relationships with those from HOPE and Evangelical Alliance, and a growing commitment to working with GATHERTogether for the Common Good and hope to establish relationships with others like HeartEdge

Recent partnership with HOPE and EA has taken place through a series of joint webinars on Edging into Hybrid Church. 

On our local mission page you can read some great examples of churches coming together in mission locally; in Cornwall, North Yorkshire, Herefordshire, Devon and Staffordshire.

Creative resources from HOPE

HOPE is continuing to bring creative mission resources for the wider Church, focusing on simple and practical steps which all churches and Christians can get involved in.

Excellent ideas from HOPE include:

Rhythm of mission

Resources helping churches to make the most of key opportunities in the year such as Easter, the summer and Christmas. 

Find out more on HOPE’s Rhythm of mission web pages.
The Wellbeing Journey 

The HOPE website reads:  

Wellbeing is the topic of the moment and we are excited about the potential of this 8-part series to support churches as they help communities to recover from the Covid crisis. The series is suitable for anyone – the people who flock to the gym each January as well as those who are part of our churches. The videos are presented by Simon Thomas (Prime Video Sport / Sky Sports / Blue Peter) and Joanna Abeyinka-Burford (BBC, Channel 5, Nickelodeon), with contributions from leading experts in different fields. 

Find out more at

Prayer spaces in public places 

The HOPE website reads:  

HOPE Together and 24-7 Prayer are encouraging churches to host creative prayer spaces, inviting local communities to experience God by talking and listening to him in prayer. When we dreamed of people meeting the God of hope in schools, work places, high streets, gardens and unexpected public places all over the country, we had no idea that the country would go into lockdown… and no idea that there would be a huge surge in people Googling ‘How to Pray’. 
As churches open for private prayer, will you offer your community a place they can meet God – in your church building or a more neutral venue? Churches in Bedfordshire have already got a shop in the middle of town next to Costa Coffee and opposite Primark to use as a HOPE Space.  
Find out more and access resources on the HOPE Spaces web page. 

Prayer and prayer walking in 2021 

HOPE is working with the global prayer and mission ministry Every Home for Christ, to develop an app to track where we are praying, caring and sharing the good news of Jesus throughout the UK. This is part of a global Oikos initiative to reach every home on earth with the truth and love of Jesus within a single generation — 

HOPE’s Dr Rachel Jordan Wolf challenges us, particularly during the pandemic, “Whatever time, wherever you live, whilst we’re able and permitted to walk – let’s walk and talk to the one who has the power to act and bring change – Prayerwalk21.” 

Find out more on HOPE’s website. 

Together for the Common Good

Together for the Common Good is a small charity helping people play their part to strengthen the bonds of social trust. They believe in the sacred nature of our common humanity and that society’s wellbeing depends on rebuilding social solidarity. They are reimagining a culture that puts people, communities and relationships first.  Together for the Common Good are one of CTE’s Bodies in Association (organisations and networks drawing Christians of different church traditions together around common causes). 

Find out more on the Together for the Common Good website. 


HeartEdge is a global ecumenical movement bringing churches together through four main focuses: 

  1. Congregation 
  1. Compassion 
  1. Culture 
  1. Commerce 

As an ecumenical network, HeartEdge brings together people to share ideas and experiences, to do theology and to develop their church and community.  

Visit the HeartEdge website for more information.