Welcome to this summary page which contains all texts and downloadable material from the 2018 Forum: ‘I am with you always –  Together in God’s Mission’.  What is the Forum? It’s the broadest ecumenical representative gathering of Christians in England.


All Forum photos can be downloaded from Flickr. Please credit ‘© Churches Together in England; Photo: Chris Dobson’ – except on the rare occasion that someone else has taken the photograph. Clicking the photo in Flickr and scrolling down gives you all the information you require.

Texts and reports

Downloadable files appear below. All texts are © Churches Together in England unless otherwise stated. Please ensure you credit as appropriate. Send your report to Lorraine Shannon to be included below and read the Forum evaluations by participants.


All CTE videos are on Vimeo and were shot and edited by Jim Cooke at Centreline Films, including a short overview of the 2018 Forum and the importance of Swanwick in the ecumenical journey (1:55 mins).

Monday 17 September

Tuesday 18 September

Tuesday afternoon was spent in the marketplace and in workshops and the evening was in small groups.

Wednesday 19 September