This set of six Bible Studies explores the issue of violence against women, produced by Churches Together in England (CTE) and the Women’s Co-ordinating Group in 2004. 

Using these Bible Studies

A woman experiencing domestic violence can be caught in a cycle from which it is very difficult to break free; to escape is a huge step and takes great courage and needs the support of other concerned people. The six Bible Studies in this booklet follow the “journey” which a woman experiencing violence may make, from recognising her situation, through despair and hopelessness, to a situation where she can begin to speak out and take action, and finally to look for change and a new beginning.

At the same time, the Bible Studies offer a way in which people might recognise the stages of their own journeys from other difficult places in their lives, towards hope.

Facilitating the group

The Bible Studies will work best with someone to facilitate your group. The role of the Facilitator is to help create an environment in which the members of the group will feel comfortable and able to build relationships of trust.

On a practical level the Facilitator will need to prepare for each session and look ahead to see what is needed for the following session: for example, if there is something people need to bring with them.