i)          Sophia University Chaplains’ Team: An Ecumenical Partnership

Declaration of Intent

Recognising the richness of our different Christian traditions, we believe that the nature of the Chaplains’ Team and the needs of the University demand that we work together in a partnership of equals. We, therefore, now declare our readiness to commit ourselves under God to that partnership.

Our earnest desire is to seek to express the Churches’ commitment to the well-being of all whose lives are touched by the University. We therefore seek to become more fully united in faith, communion, pastoral care and mission. Such unity is the gift of God. In obedience to the word of God, we pledge ourselves to make visible the unity of Christ’s people.

Signed by: (The Chaplains)                          

Endorsed by: (The Regional Church Leaders)


1.         Name

The Local Ecumenical Partnership shall be known as the Sophia University Chaplains Team.

2.         Objects

The Chaplains’ Team is an expression of the Church’s commitment to Higher Education. The Chaplains’ purpose is to be available to serve throughout the University and to foster and encourage the well-being of students, staff and all who play a part in its life.

3.         Churches Involved

The Diocese of Sophia (Roman Catholic)

The Diocese of Agape (Church of England)

The Irene Baptist Regional Association

The Irene Province of the United Reformed Church

The Chara District of the Methodist Church

4.         Sponsoring Body

The Project looks to the Council of Churches Together in Sophiashire (CTS) for support and oversight.

5.         Partnership Enabling Committee (PEC)

The Partnership shall be managed and supported by a Partnership Enabling Committee (PEC), which shall have all such powers as are necessary to enable the Chaplains to carry out the objects of the Partnership. The Committee shall regulate its own procedures, except as set out herein.

The PEC shall report once a year to the Sponsoring Body.

6.         Membership of the Partnership Enabling Committee (PEC)

The Partner Churches in the Partnership shall appoint members of the Partnership Enabling Committee (PEC) through the CTS Council, which shall name a Link Person between the Partnership and the Council as follows:-

  • 2 Church of England representatives appointed by the Bishop of Agape
  • 2 Free Church representatives appointed by the Free Churches
  • 1 Roman Catholic representative appointed by the Bishop of Sophia
  • 1 Link person appointed by the CTS Council
  • 1 Person appointed by the Vice-Chancellor
  • 1 other person co-opted from within the University by the PEC.

In attendance:

  • The Chaplains
  • The County Ecumenical Officer or an alternate as named by the CTS Council.

The Moderator shall be elected by the Partnership Enabling Committee from among its number.

The Partnership Enabling Committee shall appoint a Secretary (non-executive) and if required a Treasurer.

7.         Duration of Membership

The term of membership of the Committee shall be no more than five years. All members shall be eligible for re-appointment.

8.         Quorum

Nothing shall be resolved unless more than 50% of PEC members are present at the meeting.

9.         Meetings

Meetings of the Partnership Enabling Committee shall take place at least twice a year and preferably once each term.

10.       Minutes

Minutes of meetings shall be kept by the non-executive Secretary. The Moderator’s signature agreed at the subsequent meeting of the Committee shall be conclusive evidence of resolutions passed.

11.       Finance

Each of the appointing bodies in the Partnership will continue to be responsible for the pay and housing of the chaplains it appoints.

12.       Consultation over Appointments

The appointment of Chaplains, although made by each of the Partner Churches according to their own procedures, shall be made with the fullest practicable consultation between the appropriate Church Authority and the other partners in the Partnership through the Sponsoring Body, the Partnership Enabling Committee and the Chaplains’ Team; and between the Church Authority and the appropriate University authorities and the Students Union.

13.       The Chaplains’ Team

The Team shall consist of all Chaplains presently in post and those appointed by the Partner Churches in future to serve in the Partnership.

The commitment of Team members to working with one another and to the Partnership shall be expressed among others in the following particular ways:-

  • by signing the Declaration of Intent
  • by making public personal commitment to the Declaration of Intent during an act of worship whenever a new member of the Team is admitted and welcomed.

This shall normally take place at a University venue.

Members of the Chaplains’ Team shall be subject to the normal discipline of the Church/denomination to which each belongs. They shall be accountable to the body which appointed them and within the institution in which they work.

There shall be a Chaplains’ Consultative Group, convened by the Chaplains from members of the University. Its purpose will be to allow consultation with a wide spectrum of staff and students who have an interest in and support the work of the Chaplains.

14.       Wider Participation

Other churches may negotiate for participation in the Partnership at any time, subject to the agreement of the appropriate denominational authorities through the Sponsoring Body, of the Partnership Enabling Committee and of the University.

15.       Review

The Sponsoring Body shall ensure that every five years, or sooner, the Partnership shall be reviewed with reference to its objectives.

16.       Continuity

The Partnership may only be terminated after full consultation with the Partner Churches through the Sponsoring Body.

17.       Amendments

The Constitution of this Partnership may be amended only by the Partnership Enabling Committee and with the approval of the Sponsoring Body and the appropriate authorities of the participating denominations and of the University.


On behalf of:

In the presence of:


ii)         An Ecumenical Agreement Concerning Provision of Christian Chaplaincy in the University of Northtown (a simpler form)

WE, THE UNDERSIGNED, BELIEVE that the ministry of Chaplains in the University of Northtown is a part of the mission of the Church.

WE ARE THANKFUL that those who have this particular responsibility and have been appointed by us severally have agreed to plan and act together, sharing insights and resources and we recognise that this has made more effective the work of Chaplaincy.

WE AFFIRM the commitment and collaboration which already exists.

WE COMMIT ourselves to support, develop and encourage the work of Chaplaincy in the University in Northtown as far as we are able.


  • to confer with one another, especially about appointments
  •  to consider carefully how we may share available resources

WE CALL UPON those whom we appoint to pray, to plan, to work and to grow together for the building up of God’s kingdom.

WE COMMEND the procedures formulated by the Chaplaincy and attached hereto.

WE ENTRUST the four-yearly review of this Chaplaincy to Northshire Ecumenical Council.

WE INVITE other member denominations of Churches Together in Britain and Ireland to join us in this commitment to Chaplaincy in Northtown.

……………. The Bishop of Southdale (Church of England)

……………. The Representative of the Northshire Baptist Regional Association

……………. The Bishop of Northtown (Roman Catholic)

……………. The Dean of the Lutheran Church of Great Britain

……………. The Chairman of the Northtown District of the Methodist Church

……………. The Assistant Clerk of the Northtown Monthly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends

……………. The Divisional Commander of the Central and West Northshire Division of the Salvation Army

……………. The President of the Northshire District of the Northshire Province of the United Reformed Church