The checklist below is in the order in which you will usually work. Template documents, based on the experience of past years, are downloadable at the bottom of the page, numbered in the order in which you will probably publicise them. If you are circulating documents for consultation, it may be helpful during that process to retain some of the explanatory footnotes. Please be aware that these documents are based on experience and may not reflect current HR advice or current legislation. If you spot something wrong, please contact Doral Hayes.

  • A job description
  • A person specification

    Note the requirement to produce right-to-work documentation and the pointer to the Government website. You need to ask interviewees to bring with them a passport or a birth certificate, and a driving licence or other document with evidence of their address. Check the documentation at the interview.

    Note, too, that you must not ask for a DBS check unless you can justify doing so.
  • A statement of terms and conditions or a draft contract (download coming soon)

    Don’t be tempted to omit this. Applicants will be very interested and a clear statement signals a good employer. If you have a draft contract, make it available. CTE can offer some examples of recent contracts but cannot give legal advice. You are strongly recommended to consult the HR department of one of your Member Churches. Self employment requires different paperwork.
  • An outline of the application process

    This has been designed to save work. It is also the first test of an applicant’s ability since you can check your printout of the application form with the hard copy sent. If the presentation of either isn’t good, that tells you something about the candidate’s competence in layout and/or their ability to seek help from others.
  • A press advert

    See here for advice including why you should advertise in the church press. This is also suitable for church newsletters.
  • An A4 advertising poster

    This, together with the press advert, should be e-mailed round all the churches in the county to put on their noticeboards. They should also be sent to as many people as possible, asking them to cascade them by email.
  • An application form

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