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Our journey together

CTE General Secretary Rev Dr Paul Goodliff reviews how our Member Churches have worked together since the last Forum in 2018.

Sarah: A Forum first timer

Church of England member Sarah Finch was a CTE Forum 'newbie' in 2022.

A vision for CTE

The newly commissioned General Secretary of CTE, Bishop Mike Royal, shared his vision with Forum 2022.

‘Reconciling people to planet earth- being good news to a world in climate emergency’

Canon Dr Ruth Valerio spoke about the central duty of Christians to protect the earth

‘Reconciling communities – being good news in fractured communities and society’

Professor Anthony Reddie and Rev Dr Tessa Henry-Robinson spoke on the imperative of racial justice for community reconciliation.

New President for CTE

Rev Helen Cameron succeeds Rev Dr Hugh Osgood as the CTE President for the Free Churches Group.

United in prayer for Ukraine

An invitation to join fellow Christians on Sunday 3 April to pray for an end to the conflict in Ukraine and for peace in our world.

A renewed commitment

A summary statement at the close of the CTE Forum 2022

Ukrainian refugees statement

Statement on the conflict in Ukraine

Made by the CTE Presidents and the Fourth Presidency Group on behalf of CTE Forum 2022

Green Shoots Flourish – a review of the work of CTE 2020 to 2022

A snapshot of what ecumenism looks like in England.

Ukraine and unity

CTE General Secretary Rev Dr Paul Goodliff explains why churches need to face challenges together

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