Rev Canon Helen Cameron signs the CTE Presidents’ Covenant

The Free Churches Moderator added her signature at the December Presidents' Meeting.

Rev Canon Helen Cameron took on the role of CTE President in April 2022 when she became the Free Churches Moderator. However, she did not have the opportunity to sign the Presidents’ Covenant until December.

The signing of the Presidents’ Covenant is a symbol of the personal commitment that each of the Presidents makes to each other, to promoting Christian unity and to the life of the churches in England. Rev Helen expressed her delight in being able to serve in this way: “It is a real joy and a great privilege to serve in this role. I am moved that my denomination nominated me to do so and that the Free Churches Group have entrusted me with this work.” 

She added that during her term of office “I would like to see Churches Together in England to work together, whenever it can, in order for the voice of all Christians in England to be heard in the public square raising issues different to the ones people know we disagree about – such as sexuality. I want the voice of the Church to be heard in places of influence and power reminding our communities and nation of the truth that there is room for all in God’s story and that God’s love is for all. I am keen that those who have been ignored, made invisible, regarded as outsiders or actively silenced have their voices heard and their concerns taken seriously. There is room for all, all can be welcomed and all can belong.” 

“Our diversity is not a mistake, or a problem, but rather part of God’s intention”

Commenting on how she sees the current situation of English ecumenism, Rev Helen said “It is more vibrant and exciting than we often recognise. We are learning to understand that a person of faith who looks and sounds different to us has insights and wisdom to share which might enlarge our understanding of God and God’s ways among us. Historic churches that have assumed centrality need to understand that many people are a part of Christian life coming from a range of diverse traditions, cultures and contexts. Our diversity is not a mistake, or a problem, but rather part of God’s intention. We need to catch up with what God is doing among us!” 

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Rev Helen is pictured seated with CTE Presidents from L to R Bishop Tedroy Powell, Archbishop Justin Welby and Cardinal Vincent Nichols © Churches Together in England.