Lutherans in the UK podcast

The General Secretary of the Council of Lutheran Churches, Dr Anna Krauß, introduces their new broadcasts...

In our podcast, we discuss relevant contemporary issues. For example the climate crisis, sustainability and the situation of refugees. We look for people in our Lutheran churches who work in these areas and can offer us some fresh perspectives on these topics. We listen to what people in our churches think about their identity as Christians and visit our member churches to get to know more about their work and the people they serve.

Lutherans in our churches only represent a very tiny fraction of Christianity in this country but with the podcast we would like to give others the possibility to “meet” our multicultural community and maybe even learn something about us and Lutheranism.

The podcast episodes are around 30 minutes long, published every two months and are usually structured in a topical first half and a focus on our member churches in the second half. In our last episode, we interviewed our sanctuary scholar from Sudan. The next episode will be on “War and Peace: Christian Ethics”. After that, we will explore the Anglican-Lutheran society.

Pictured: The Lutheran World Federation’s newly elected General Secretary Anne Burghardt is interviewed by CLC General Secretary Anna Krauß

You can find the episodes on the CLC website or on podbean.

The Council of Lutheran Churches is one of CTE’s national Member Churches.