Education Sunday 2022

Education Sunday will be marked by the churches on 11 September 2022.

The theme for this year is ‘You are not lost!’

This year’s readings from the Revised Common Lectionary are:

Jeremiah 4.11-12, 22-28
Psalm 14
Luke 15.1-10
1 Timothy 1.12-17

The readings in the Catholic Lectionary are:

Exodus 32.7-11, 13-14
Psalm 51.3-4, 12-13, 17, 19
1 Timothy 1.12-17
2 Corinthians 5.19
Luke 15.1-32 or Luke 15.1-10

Although some of the resources will make reference to other passages, the main focus will be on Luke 15.1-10: the parables of the lost sheep and the lost coin.

Resources will be added to this page and will include:

  • an introduction to the theme
  • sermon/homily notes
  • suggestions for all-age worship
  • prayers
  • suggestions for songs and hymns
  • outlines for an act of collective worship in school

Explore the history of Education Sunday.