For well over one hundred years there has been an annual recognition of Education Sunday in England and Wales. It is a national day of prayer and celebration for everyone in the world of education.

The theme is devised by an ecumenical steering group representing different Christian denominations and organisations.

Since 2016, it has been celebrated on the second Sunday in September, coinciding with the start of the school year (prior to this it was celebrated on the ninth Sunday before Easter). The resources are intended to be used as a springboard for a variety of events on or around Education Sunday.

Education Sunday 2024: 8 September

Education Sunday 2024 will take place on Sunday 8 September. The theme “Learning together: education in our community”.​ More resources coming soon…

More about Education Sunday

Resources from previous years can be viewed in our archive here.

Education Sunday is promoted by an ecumenical steering group in association with the Churches’ Joint Education Policy Committee. The ecumenical steering group comprises representatives from the following seven organisations:

  • Baptist Union
  • Roman Catholic Church
  • Church of England National Society
  • Methodist Church
  • Student Christian Movement
  • Salvation Army
  • United Reformed Church