The Enabling Group brings together CTE’s Member Churches twice a year, alongside representatives from Intermediate Bodies and Bodies in Association (see the full list of representatives at the bottom of this page).   

The group has the task of nurturing ecumenism in England (encouraging churches to work together), and provides a space for churches to discuss issues of common concern. It also considers matters of CTE governance, and is the place where the Trustees of CTE report to Member Churches and are offered direction for the future. CTE’s formal AGM takes place during the autumn meeting of the Enabling Group.

The Enabling Group meets twice a year, usually overnight and alternating between Hertfordshire and Derbyshire. It is served by CTE staff Mike Royal and Jenny Bond, with Lorraine Shannon providing administrative support.

Enabling Group web area

Members of the Enabling Group can see papers etc in their private area of the website. CTE’s Lorraine Shannon can help with any problems. 

Membership of the Enabling Group

Representatives of Member Churches

  • Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese of the British Isles & Ireland – Boniface Carroll
  • Apostolic Church UK – Ivan Parker
  • Apostolic Pastoral Congress – Moses Owusu-Sekyere or Philip Tagoe
  • Armenian Orthodox Church – Hovakim Manukyan or Shnork Baghdassarian
  • Assemblies of God – Stuart Keir
  • Baptist Union of Great Britain – Hilary Treavis
  • Calvary Church of God in Christ – Clevere Fenty or Geoffrey Folkes
  • Catholic Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales (3) – Paul Hendricks, Jan Nowotnik, Mary McCaughey
  • Church of England (3) – Jeremy Morris, Michael Beasley, Annika Mathews
  • Church of God of Prophecy – Barry Hutchinson or Tedroy Powell (CTE President)
  • Church of Scotland (Presbytery of England) – Mike Binks
  • Churches in Communities International – Trevor Howard
  • Congregational Federation – Yvonne Campbell or Alan Kennedy
  • Coptic Orthodox Church – Archbishop Angaelos of London or Kyrillos Asaad
  • Council of African and Caribbean Churches UK – Fidelia Onyuku-Opukiri
  • Council of Lutheran Churches – Anna Krauss or Eliza Zikmane
  • Council of Oriental Orthodox Christian Churches – Archbishop Angaelos of London The Coptic Orthodox Church is a member of the Council
  • Elim Pentecostal Church  – Dominic De Souza
  • Evangelical Lutheran Church of England – George Samiec or Jon Ehlers
  • Free Church of England – John Fenwick or Bob Stephen
  • Free Churches Group – Paul Rochester
  • Ground Level – Richard Bradbury
  • Holy Apostolic Catholic Assyrian Church of the East – Awraham Youkhanis
  • Ichthus Christian Fellowship – Phil Tate
  • Independent Methodist Churches – Bill Hampson
  • International Ministerial Council of Great Britain – Sheila Douglas
  • Ixthus Church Council – Costakis Evangelou or Chris Zacharia
  • Joint Council of Churches for All Nations – Dorritt Akinbobola or Esme Beswick
  • Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church (Indian Orthodox Church) – Tiji Thankachan or Saji Varghese
  • Mar Thoma Church in Europe – Noble Mathew or George Paduthottu
  • Methodist Church (2) – Michaela Youngson and Jonathan Pye (alt: Leão Neto)
  • Moravian Church – Philip Cooper
  • New Testament Assembly – Beverley Russell-Burke or Delroy Powell
  • New Testament Church of God – Brian Robinson
  • Oecumenical Patriarchate – Patrick Hodson or Alexander Fostiropoulos
  • Order of St Leonard – Phil Harris or Alan Dickinson
  • Pioneer – Billy Kennedy or Linda Ward
  • Presbyterian Church of Ghana in England – Abamfo Atiemo or Joseph Oduro
  • Redeemed Christian Church of God – Akpo Onduku or Marcus Chilaka 
  • Religious Society of Friends – Elaine Green
  • Ruach Network of Churches – Penny Francis or John Francis
  • Russian Orthodox Church (Moscow Patriarchate) – Stephen Platt
  • Salvation Army – Jonathan Roberts or David Evans
  • Serbian Orthodox Church – Goran Spaic
  • Seventh-day Adventist Church (observer) – Samuel Ouadjo or Eglan Brooks
  • Synod of German-Speaking Lutheran, Reformed, and United Congregations in Great-Britain – Martin Liebscher
  • Transatlantic Pacific Alliance of Churches – Paul Hackman or Prince Daniels
  • Unification Council of Cherubim & Seraphim Churches (Europe Chapter) – Jare Oyewole
  • United Kingdom World Evangelism Trust – Simon Iheanacho
  • United Reformed Church – Philip Brooks
  • Vineyard Churches UK & Ireland – Jeremy Cook
  • Wesleyan Holiness Church – Ruth Lowe
  • Wesleyan Reform Union – Alina Taylor

Member Churches pay the expenses of their representatives, unless they serve as CTE Trustees.
If a representative is unable to attend a particular meeting, s/he is welcome to send a substitute. Some Churches appoint alternatives who also receive papers and circulars. Except where noted, normally only one person from each Church attends the meetings.

From CTE’s Rules

  • “Enabling Group” means the Members of the Charity meeting together in General Meeting (1.5)
  • Each member has one vote except the Church of England and the Roman Catholic Church each of which shall be entitled to three votes. The Methodist Church shall be entitled to two votes. (2.1.1)

Ten members elected by the Intermediate Ecumenical Bodies, in their regional groupings

The date in brackets indicates when the term of office began/was renewed.

  • East Midlands: Jonathan Smithurst (January 2019)
  • Eastern Region: Catherine Howe (January 2020)
  • London: Vacant
  • North East: Joanne Thorns (September 2014)
  • North West: Anton Muller (March 2015)
  • South East (North): Vacant
  • South East (South): Grace Keal (August 2020)
  • South West: Paul Snell (June 2019)
  • West Midlands: Chris Densham (April 2020) or Robert Mountford (April 2020)
  • Yorkshire: Nick Shields (May 2019)

Two members elected by the Bodies in Association

At their January 2019 meeting, Bodies in Association agreed that normally their representatives would serve for three years (renewable). The date in brackets indicates when the appointment was first made.

  • Andy Pettman (January 2019)
  • Cathy Limebear (January 2021)

The Moderator and Deputy Moderator of the next CTE Forum

  • Forum Moderator: Dionne Gravesande
  • Deputy Forum Moderator: Anton Muller

 The Convenor and Deputy Convenor of the Enabling Group

  • Convenor: Rowena Loverance (Trustee)
  • Deputy Convenor: Lurliene Miller (Joint Council of Churches for All Nations and Trustee) 

The Honorary Treasurer of the charity

  • James Laing

The General Secretary of Churches Together in Britain and Ireland

The Trustees of the Charity please click for the list

Other CTE staff please click for the list

Papers are sent for information to CTE’s Presidents.

Churches Together in England is an Incorporated Charitable Company Limited by Guarantee (Company Registered No. 5354231, Charity Registered No. 1110782)