Throughout the Forum there is a marketplace where Charities and Networks in Association can display information and resources.

Who can take part?

  1. CTE’s Charities and Networks in Association are all eligible to apply for a display space as long as the person responsible had made a full time residential or non-residential booking for the Forum for the whole time. They are able to participate fully in the Forum.
  2. Bookings for the Marketplace will open in late June 2024 and all Charities and Networks in Association will be asked if they wish to apply for a place.
  3. CTE will decide who is allocated display space and priority is given to those who offer to share a table due to limited space.
  4. Places in the marketplace are free of charge. Applying organisations are asked to confirm that the organisation has paid all outstanding invoices with CTE.

What must Marketplace stall-holders do?

You must set up your stall on Monday in the Butterley Hall before 4.30 pm. You can gain access from 2.30 pm onwards. Please don’t arrive earlier as The Hayes will levy a charge for early arrivals which we will have to pass onto you. Register your arrival first at Lakeside Reception before going to the Butterley Hall.

In the Butterley Hall, your stall will be clearly marked. We shall put those who need an electric socket and, as far as possible, those with display stands or banners along the sides of the hall. If you can’t remember what you asked for when you completed the application form, please contact Lorraine Shannon who can remind you.

While the Marketplace will run throughout Forum and you are very welcome to be there at any time to talk to people about your organisation, we also appreciate that you will be participating fully in Forum. However, you must ensure that your stall is staffed from 2pm to 3.45pm on the Tuesday of Forum . (This is the dedicated time for the Marketplace on the programme.)

You can include items for sale on your stall if you wish. It is up to you whether you put an ‘honesty’ box on the stall or whether you decide to sell only when the stall is staffed. We are not responsible for any items or money which may go missing.

Please do not dismantle your stall until Wednesday morning. You may dismantle your stall during or after lunch if you prefer but you need to be away from The Hayes by 2.30 pm at the latest or The Hayes will levy a charge which we will pass on to you! Please ensure that you take all papers and anything else home with you unless The Hayes provides a box for recycling paper.

Thank you very much for participating in the Marketplace