This second edition by Roger Mead, © Churches Together in England 2005, replaces the first edition by Basil W Hazledine (CTE 1995). 

The book covers all aspects of finance in Local Ecumenical Partnerships, focusing on the structure and emphasis of the five Churches mostly involved in Local Ecumenical Partnerships, aspects of ministry to be considered from selection to pension, stewardship and witness. The contents page is reproduced below.

Of particular general interest (although it was out of date as soon as it was published) is the section on the basic structures of the five Churches which is useful beyond LEP issues.


1.  Introduction   

2.  Basic structures of the five Churches    

3.  Denominational emphases relevant to finance 

4.  Institutional structures and resource flows 

5.  Resource Flows

5.1  Local church finance and denominational assessments

5.2  Ministry, Part I: Selection, training, ordination and initial appointment

5.3  Ministry, Part II: Local appointments, stipends, accommodation, expenses and in-service training and sabbaticals

5.4  Ministry, Part III: Retirement, pensions and other provisions

5.5  Stewardship of the material resources of the Church

?5.6  Witnessing to the faith within and beyond the Church

5.7  Other income of the central and intermediate Church

6.   Institutional Structures

?6.1  Organisation in the institutions of the Church

6.2  Principal funds of the Church at central and intermediate levels 

7.   Local Ecumenical Partnerships

7.1  What is the same? What is different? 

7.2  Assessments and other financial contributions 

7.3  Procedures for determining ministerial allocation 

7.4  Involvement in the wider Church