This page contains information about a new role that is operating in certain parts of England, that of the Local Ecumenical Enabler.

This role can, in some contexts, further support local ecumenical working as it is based in a local space, such as a village or town. This is unlike the County Ecumenical Officer role whose context is a County or large City.

Local Ecumenical Enablers are a specific role funded by two or more local churches who want to work together on a specific and joint area of work. These roles are also designed to be time limited with the aim that the projects develop in a sustainable way, and can then be taken forward by the church communities in the locality once the initial post comes to an end.

There is excellent potential for this role to be funded in partnership with ecumenical partners, where it is anticipated that one of the participating denominations will take responsibility for the employment of the post holder and the other denominations will agree their contribution to the financing and management of the post.

A template for a draft job description can be downloaded below, this has been designed by a number of National Ecumenical Officers and can be modified to meet the needs of each local context.