• If you can, work out a timescale which gives some overlap between the outgoing and incoming CEOs. If that’s not possible, don’t worry, but tell CTE who will hold the fort in the interim.
  • Allow three weeks at least for advertising, longer if possible and if you wish to include Reform in your advertising.
  • Allow a week between the application form deadline and the shortlisting meeting to give people a chance to read the paperwork. (Shortlisting can be done via a telephone or video conference.)
  • Allow a fortnight between shortlisting and the interview date to give candidates time to book train tickets and prepare any presentation you may ask them to make.
  • Assume that your new CEO will have to give at least a month’s notice.
  • You do not need to allow time for a DBS check since you probably should not ask for one. 
  • Think about how and when you will present your new Officer to the county. Will you have an induction service? If so, pencil in a few dates now and/or decide who will be responsible for organising it.


Be aware that you MUST be clear about who is the employer — this is not necessarily the person who carries out the payroll duties. If you are not a registered charity please seek appropriate HR advice. You don’t want to risk whoever signs the contract to discover that the law considers them to be the employer! Sort this out as a matter of urgency as it may delay the whole appointment process.

You should also note that the employer is legally obliged to take out Employer’s Liability insurance. (You may also need this cover if you have volunteers.) You should also take out Public Liability insurance and consider if you need Trustee Liability Insurance.