Walk with Me – Sunday 23 June

Join with Christians from across the traditions in a multi-faith silent meditation peace walk in central London.

Following the success of the Peace is Every Step silent vigil in January 2024, a second event is being organised by Quakers in Britain and Plum Village in response to requests from many different faith organisations.  

Walk with Me, this multi-faith silent meditation peace walk will start from Parliament Square, London on June 23 at 3pm.  It is open to the public, to people of all faiths and none. There will be short opening prayers offered by faith representatives at the start. Then the group will walk slowly from Parliament Square to Trafalgar Square and back. We will stop at key moments to hold vigil and offer prayers.

All those from CTE Member Churches and Charities and Networks in Association are invited to take part and to join with other others in this silent call for peace.

The Director of the Fellowship of Reconciliation John Cooper said “Walk With Me is a chance to step out for peace. By walking with people of all faiths we show to the wider world that religion is a force for peace in a world that seems to find it too easy to talk violence. Our time will be powerful and moving for participants and will provoke conversation among those who witness the event.

“If you look out on God’s world and lament the presence of war and conflict we urge you to join with us and show that even in the darkest times peace is always possible”

The National Ecumenical Officer for the Salvation Army, Major David Evans said: “As a historian before my present ministry and as a teacher, my recollection of war throughout history, is that there are no winners, and all are ultimately losers! Just a quick look at twentieth-century history alone, reveals the pointless and harmful results on all sides, with millions having been killed and many more besides physically and emotionally lessened as human beings. The trauma on our media screens of men, women and children in both Palestine and Israel, Syria, Somalia and the forty other conflict zones only underlines the need for a better way…I pray for a peace that brings healing, justice and equity for all peoples.”

The first walk in January was supported by a number of the ecumenical family; CTE Trustees, Member Churches, National Ecumenical Officers and Charities and Networks in Association.

A video of Peace is Every Step. Produced by Quakers in Britain

Walk with Me, will also be a remembrance for the people whose lives have been lost in wars. This will be a solemn moment without flags, placards, or political slogans.  Participants are invited to wear clothes that would be worn to a funeral or for mourning to reflect the remembrance element of the walk. We will also ask participants to make and carry a single handmade white flower—a poignant reminder that each of us plays a role in cultivating a more peaceful world.

Find out more about how you can join in this event here plumvillage.uk/walk.

Download the event flyer (pdf).

Photo credit: Michael Preston for Quakers in Britain