Thy Kingdom Come: Transform Work

This growing organisation encouraging workplace ministry reports on how it was involved with TKC 2022.

Transform Work are a growing UK-based workplace ministry inspiring, equipping and connecting Christians across the full spectrum of professions and sectors. We encourage Christians to come together in community in workplaces and in sector groups to progress God’s Kingdom, and have supported over 700 workplace groups to date.

This is the second year we have worked with Thy Kingdom Come, providing resources to help Christians to pray together in the workplace during Thy Kingdom Come. These resources include a prayer diary, prayer ideas, and how to engage with colleagues and management.

This year we recorded audio prayers from representatives in different work sectors and organised daily prayer calls from across workplace sectors from Law to the Arts, Education to Healthcare, Government to Media. (See our Facebook page for recordings). We prayed for God’s Kingdom to come in each of these sectors – for Christians to be courageous in sharing their faith, and to bring about truth and righteous ways of working.

The meetings brought together hundreds of Christians from different denominations and traditions, around the country. One participant, said: “It was wonderful to meet with others to pray about the opportunities and challenges facing local government.”

Mal Shaw, Trustee and Director at Transform Work UK reflects: ” One of the key aspects for me personally is the way that praying together for our work brings together people from different denominations in unity, including Anglican, Baptist, Methodist, Pentecostal, Catholic, Orthodox. This was one of the last prayers of Jesus before He went to the cross and it has been great to see this in action as we have worked with Thy Kingdom Come.” 

This is a special time for Transform Work as we grow our ministry throughout the UK, seeking to develop a network of 72 local ambassadors, planting another 500 new workplace prayer groups and spreading internationally.

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