The Big Bank Switch

JustMoney Movement National Programme Manager Rosie Venner shares how hundreds of Christians are leaving banks that support the fossil fuel industries.

Where we bank matters. As Christians we are called to care for God’s creation, to love our neighbours, to act justly. Surely this should shape what we do with the money we steward. Switching to a greener bank can be part of our climate action. It shines a light on the finance flows fuelling the climate crisis.

The JustMoney Movement is working with Christian organisations Just Love, and Operation Noah to partner with Switch It Green for The Big Bank Switch

The driving cause of climate breakdown is fossil fuel expansion. The companies responsible for this rely on loans and investments from banks. Between 2016 and 2022, the ‘Big Five’ high street banks in the UK alone directed billions into oil, gas, and coal industries.

By mobilising Christians to switch en masse to more ethical banks, the Big Bank Switch campaign aims to pressure financial institutions to phase out the financing of fossil fuels.

The Big Bank Switch has been gathering switching pledges from Christians, building up to the first Switch It Sunday on 21 April, ahead of Earth Day on 22 April. Over 150 Christians have already pledged to participate by switching their current accounts.

Using Switch It Green’s existing Green Banking Platform, participants will receive support throughout the switching process while contributing to a tally of Christians transitioning their finances for environmental reasons.

This is the beginning of a year-long campaign that aims to inspire and equip over 1000 Christians to move their money out of fossil-fuel-funding banks and to help change the banking sector for good.

Individuals can make their pledge to switch via the Big Bank Switch page and download the Switch it Sunday pack for 21 April.

The JustMoney Movement and Operation Noah are Charities and Networks in Association with CTE.