Tackling Racial Injustice: CTE Takes Action

CTE has responded to the Presidents' call for real change to work towards racial justice:

CTE has responded to the Presidents’ call for real change to work towards racial justice:

  • Trustees have set up a racial justice working group, under the leadership of trustees Lurliene Miller and Moses Owusu-Sekyere.
  • CTE’s Enabling Group will spend a key session at its forthcoming meeting reflecting on the issue and promoting change.
  • County Ecumenical Officers (CEOs) and those with a brief for racial justice within Intermediate Bodies have committed themselves to learning more about racial injustice and to putting into place strategies for combating it. 

County Ecumenical Officers discuss racial injustice

The first of two meetings of County Ecumenical Officers (CEOs) to explore racial injustice has already taken place. CEOs work within Intermediate Bodies across England, encouraging and facilitating unity among churches at the county/city level.

The aim of this first meeting, a webinar, was to learn about the history and the philosophical root of racism, and also to understand microaggressions, white privilege and white supremacy. In this session, CEOs were joined by Alton Bell, chair of the Movement for Justice and Reconciliation, and Dionne Gravesande, Senior Ecumenical Relations Manager at Christian Aid. The video of their contributions is available at the bottom of this page.

A second meeting of CEOs will take place later this year. CEOs will use this opportunity to reflect on the first webinar, and to consider how to move forward, working out what relevant actions may be needed. In this they will be helped by Karlene Kerr, special advisor for black, Asian and minority ethnic affairs in the Diocese of Norfolk.