United in prayer for Ukraine

An invitation to join fellow Christians on Sunday 3 April to pray for an end to the conflict in Ukraine and for peace in our world.

On Sunday 3 April 2022, churches and Christians from across the UK and Ireland will come together in an act of witness to pray and light candles for Ukraine, for an end to the conflict, and for all those affected by the terrible impact of war.

Churches Together in England (along with partners Christian Aid and Churches Together in Britain and Ireland) is inviting churches to join together in an act of witness to pray and light candles for Ukraine, for an end to the conflict and for all those affected by the terrible impact of war.

We have all watched the unfolding conflict in Ukraine and seen the heart-breaking stories of people fleeing violence, not knowing when they’ll see their loved ones again. Over three million people have fled Ukraine. Many more have been forced from their homes to seek shelter. Lives have been lost and families torn apart. Homes have been destroyed and many roads are blocked. No one is safe.

Churches in Ukraine, in neighbouring countries and here in Britain and Ireland alongside many others in the community have responded with generosity and hospitality to support and welcome refugees.

We all share a feeling of horror and powerlessness but every prayer, every action brings hope to the people of Ukraine.

The Archbishop of Canterbury and CTE President, Justin Welby, said:

“When we pray, we invite the presence of God into the messiness and darkness of our world. When we pray together, we witness to the possibility of unity and the promise of reconciliation that God promises us in Jesus Christ.

“I urge all Christians to come together on the 3rd of April to pray and light candles for the people and the peace of Ukraine: to pray for hope for those fearful of the future, to pray for God’s comfort for those suffering, and to pray for the Holy Spirit to turn hearts towards the compassion and justice that the resurrected Christ promises us will eventually prevail.”

CTE Pentecostal and Charismatic President, Bishop Tedroy Powell, (Church of God of Prophecy) said:

“Our current geo-political crises, and in particular Ukraine, cries out for lament, from our global ecclesial community!

“‘O God, why hast thou cast us off for ever? Why doth thine anger smoke against the sheep of thy pasture?’ Psalm 74:1.

“It is my prayer and hope that, we, the global church family, facing this disaster, will pursue recovery of our inalienable privilege to protest to God for healing. May we join others in the universal anthem of lament, on 3 April 2022.”

We are sharing a prayer that we would invite you to share on 3 April during your worship for that Sunday and if possible perhaps in a more public event with other churches and your wider community at 2pm.

Please share your acts of witness on social media using the hashtag #WePrayForUkraine.

A Prayer for Ukraine:

God of all peoples and nations,
Who created all things alive and breathing,
United and whole,
Show us the way of peace that is your overwhelming presence.
We hold before you the peoples of Ukraine and Russia,
Every child and every adult.
We long for the time
When weapons of war are beaten into ploughshares
When nations no longer lift up sword against nation.
We cry out to you for peace;
Protect those who only desire and deserve to live in security and safety
Comfort those who fear for their lives and the lives of their loved ones
Be with those who are bereaved.
Change the hearts of those set on violence and aggression
And fill leaders with the wisdom that leads to peace.
Kindle again in us a love of our neighbour,
And a passion for justice to prevail
and a renewed recognition that we all play a part in peace.
Creator of all hear our prayer
And bring us peace. Make us whole. Amen.

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