National Sports Sunday 2022

The CEO of Sports Chaplaincy UK, Warren Evans, shares the plans for this ecumenical mission day.

National Sports Sunday was born five years ago as a result of seeing how we might be able to challenge the church to see the community of sport as not merely an activity, but a place of relationships.

Over the last five years, we have seen churches from all traditions taking the step to stop and pray for the community of sport in their locality, explore how they can work ecumenically to serve their gym and celebrate the ministry to the community of sport.

National Sports Sunday is coming up on 15 May but it can be celebrated on any Sunday which works for a church fellowship. The important thing for us is taking that intentional moment to ask God to help you to see the community of sport through His eyes. A moment’s revelation demands a different response!

National Sports Sunday is supported by leaders in many of the key denominations and these have been prepared to add their name by way of an endorsement. The Roman Catholic Bishop of Plymouth, Mark O’Toole speaks of the importance of prayer: “Let us pray for the community of sport, that we might show the love of Jesus, our Risen Lord, to all those who engage in any sport.”

Yvonne Campbell, General Secretary of the Congregational Federation says: “National Sports Sunday is an exciting opportunity for us to show God’s love to one of the largest untapped mission field.”

To aid churches, we have provided a range of excellent resources, including a specially written assembly for those who have the privilege to share in schools, a reflection based on the lectionary reading, an all age worship outline and many videos you can share.

All the resources can be found on the National Sport Sunday website.

We’d love to hear what you are doing, so drop please send us an email and let us know how you mark National Sports Sunday 2022.