National Parenting Initiative future in doubt

NPI asks for our prayers as it looks to secure funding to allow the charity to continue to operate.

The National Parenting Initiative, a UK charity with a vision to see churches support and empower families in their community has announced that they will come to an end in early summer without significant funding being found.

The NPI, which was launched as a cross-denominational movement in 2010 and became a charity in 2016, signposts churches across the nation to parenting courses and resources to support and empower families in their community. NPI is one of CTE’s Charities and Networks in Association (also known as Bodies in Association).

Their monthly online Vision Events run regionally for those who work or volunteer in churches with families, providing the opportunity for attendees to hear from organisations who produce parenting resources, ask questions and be inspired to support families. They also have a YouTube channel, a podcast and a blog with audiences accessing their signposting and encouragement in their thousands every month.

NPI Co-ordinator Sharon Blair says, “We are at a very exciting time of growth at the NPI. Our monthly events are well attended and the encouragement on our website and social media reaches far and wide. But due to circumstances beyond our control, funding that we thought we would receive could not be delivered so we have only a very short time to find it from elsewhere. We are a relatively inexpensive charity, with a small team but find ourselves in a position where without financial input we will need to close the charity at the end of June.”

The charity, which costs £30,000 to run annually, also works closely with the organisations they signpost to, including Kids Matter, Care for the Family and Parenting for Faith.

Anna Hawken, Parenting for Faith Ministry Lead says, “The NPI plays a vital role in gathering together different organisations that support parents and families in different ways. Their work is critical for ensuring that organisations work together well, which avoids duplication and provides the best possible support for families. They are an important hub for churches and for parents themselves to see and understand the range of what’s on offer. They do a brilliant job of sharing and promoting the work of different charities, showcasing it in a way that makes it accessible and making sure it benefits as many people as possible.”

The NPI ask that we would stand with them in prayer as they look to secure a future for the charity.

If you would like to find out more about the NPI or would like to donate to their continuation, please contact Kayte Potter.