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A Critical Investigation into the Potential of Christian Mentoring for Engaging with Mental Health Issues and Wellbeing in Youth Ministry, within a Secondary School Context [MA]

Towards an Evangelical Mysticism: A Critical Investigation into the Missional Potential of an Evangelical Mystical Spirituality [MA]

Locked down and online: A critical discussion into the practices and potential impacts of the Covid-19 lockdowns, on youth ministry, in the United Kingdom [MA]

Identity and Mission in a technological future: A critical discussion of how distinctively Christian understandings of human identity and purpose provide the foundation for a missional response to Western secular visions of the human future in light of advancing technologies [MA]

What is the Face of the UK Church to Adults with Disabilities? (A Critical Investigation) [MA]

Do parachurch organisations inhibit or facilitate local church involvement in primary schools? A critical investigation [MA]

The Priority of Soul-Winning: A Critical Discussion of the Theology and Practice of Evangelism for Contemporary Western Culture [MA]

Mission-shaped Cathedral: An Historical, Biblical and Present Day Enquiry into the Missionary Activity and Potential of Cathedrals [MA]

A theological critique of the models of ecclesiology and missiology of St Thomas’ Church, Philadelphia, Sheffield [MA]

Why are People Choosing to Join Emmanuel Methodist Church, Barnsley? [MA]

A Study of How Adults become Christians With Special Reference to the Personal Involvement of Individual Christians [MA]

The Church and the Secularised Child [MA]

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