Local unity means hundreds of Scarborough children experience the good news

An innovative project in local schools in Scarborough is sharing the good news with hundreds of children.

Thanks to local Christian unity, an innovative project reaching out to local schools in Scarborough has been able to continue, sharing the good news with hundreds of children.

A local church in Scarborough has, over the last four years, provided a Lift the Lid Christmas Experience for their local primary school children. Scarborough Christian Fellowship has found them to be hugely popular, so much so that it was becoming increasing difficult for them to find enough volunteers to continue. Geoff Bowell, the church’s minister, reached out to other churches in the town and a partnership developed with Faith in Scarborough Schools (FISS) – part of the Churches Together in Scarborough Committee.

Working with the schools workers from FISS, who are from different churches in the Scarborough area, made a big impact and was a huge help in the preparation and running of the Christmas Experience.

Working together proved to be really beneficial for all, especially for the 580 pupils and 52 staff from 11 local schools who visited the Christmas Experience in 2019.

Lift the lid 3

The Lift the Lid Experience has also been a huge success in several other churches across the country, and has proved to be a great way to connect with local schools.

Lift the Lid’s Christmas and Easter Experience are interactive and dramatised presentations for primary school pupils that offers a unique way to learn about these important Christian celebrations. The Experiences are a great way to welcome your local schools to your church building and have proved to be very popular with both staff and pupils.

More about Lift the Lid

Lift the Lid charity was developed in 2013 by Elim Ryedale Church in Malton, North Yorkshire, and they are passionate about equipping teachers with ready to use and innovative resources. Their resources inspire and engage their pupils in the teaching of Christianity and provide churches across the UK the means and opportunity to build a meaningful and long-lasting link with their local schools.

Teachers face and real and serious challenge as RE is often under-funded and under-resourced, and Lift the Lid provides an easy and effective way for churches to connect and support their local schools.

“The resources in the box are outstanding. We were very impressed with them.”
Teacher, Cardiff Primary School.                 
Visit Lift the Lid’s website at www.liftthelid.org.uk to see their full range of resources, or give them a call on 01653 228060.
Becky Ibbotson, Project Director at Lift the Lid.