Living unity everyday: The Association of Interchurch Families

Executive Development Officer for the Association of Interchurch Families, Doral Hayes, introduces this CTE Body in Association

Living unity every day, is how members of the Association of Interchurch Families (AIF) are often described.  Established in 1968, AIF is one of the longest standing Churches Together in England Bodies in Association.  Canon Martin Reardon, the first General Secretary of CTE, was one of the co-founders of AIF along with his wife, Dr Ruth Reardon and Jesuit priest Fr John Coventry. 

Today AIF’s mission and work continues; we offer support to couples in interchurch relationships as well as providing up to date information to all those who are interested in the care of those in interchurch families. The third strand of our work continues be a voice in the churches at a local, regional and national level communicating both the pastoral needs of interchurch couples as well as the opportunity they present to the churches as they journey towards unity. 

Just as all families will have celebrated the season of Christmas differently, so each interchurch family is different and will navigate their own journey of both faith and family life in their own unique way.  Some families will be even-handed in their church-going, use of time, talents and financial contributions to their two churches. Others will lean more in one direction or the other – either through choice or individual circumstances.  What interchurch families do offer is a lived example of a greater and deeper Christian unity, showing the church and the world that greater Christian unity is possible.  Through their shared love and commitment to each other they share the blessings and challenges of their different churches daily. Learning together through this shared journey of faith a way of prayer, worship and service that provides hope to all the churches at a time when hope for greater unity is needed.

Looking to this new year the Association is planning a number of online and hybrid events for its members starting with an online event bringing members from across the country together in prayer to celebrate the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity

Visit the AIF website for more information about all their events and the broader work.