Lambeth Awards presented to CTE staff

From peacemakers to nuns, academics to gardeners, the 2019 Lambeth Awards recipients celebrate the wide range of ways that people devote themselves to serving others. Twenty-seven people who have made an extraordinary contribution to the Church and wider society were given Lambeth Awards by the Archbishop of Canterbury at Lambeth Palace today, including the previous General Secretary and a current member of staff at Churches Together in England.

The Reverend Dr David Cornick, General Secretary of CTE until September 2018, received the Lambeth Cross for Ecumenism for his outstanding sustained contribution to the development of ecumenical life and witness in England.

Bishop Dr Joseph Aldred, Pentecostal and Multicultural Relations at CTE was awarded the Langton Award for Community Service 2019 for his outstanding mission to the UK’s African-Caribbean community and to the wider church.

The Lambeth Awards, launched by Archbishop Justin Welby in 2016, recognise outstanding service in different fields, including those of the Archbishop’s ministry priorities of prayer and the Religious life; reconciliation and peace building; and evangelism and witness.

Photographs of David Cornick, Joe Aldred and the Archbishop from Lambeth Palace.

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