Andrea: A Forum first timer

Churches Together in Hertfordshire delegate Andrea Williams sums up her first CTE Forum.

Andrea writes…

I have to thank God for being able to attend for the first time on behalf of my Intermediate body (CT in Hertfordshire).  It was great to hear the keynote talk by Archbishop Justin Welby, reminding us about key themes in ecumenism, from Colossians 1 verses 15-23.  It was good to be reminded that in verse 18, Paul speaks of ‘the church’ which is not plural. 

I enjoyed the discussions in the home group both evenings.  Hearing others point of view helped to broaden my awareness. We need to consider the church as broken first in order to be made whole for others.

It was great to be able to have your voice counted in Churches Together England’s statement and support for the people of Ukraine. I enjoyed the sessions on day two, there were lots of ideas on how to engage locally in community for local outreach. 

I was pleased to go to the Renew Wellbeing workshop session, which included looking at ourselves to ensure we do exhaust ourselves in our efforts.  Having the marketplace was really helpful to be able to connect with various charities, who are all doing great work in outreach and missions.  I collected so much information to share with my home church and fellow organisations!

The worship throughout Forum was really good and included a range of styles.  There was plenty of time also to network in the evenings. 

Great venue with lovely surroundings, good selection of food and comfortable accommodation. A great conference!