Pray for food security with Compassion UK

Faced with a growing trend of global hunger, this Christian charity reminds us of the "clear commission to care for the hungry" in Matthew 25.

The world is on the brink of a global hunger crisis.

For the first time in six years, world hunger is on the rise. According to the World Food Programme (WFP), 276 million people worldwide were facing acute food insecurity at the start of this year. Their lives or livelihoods are in immediate danger because they cannot access adequate food.

As the situation becomes increasingly severe, we need to cry out to God for His mercy and provision.

Join with Christian charity, Compassion, to pray for God’s intervention in this situation:

  1. Pray for those experiencing acute food insecurity. Ask for God’s comfort and miraculous provision as families try to survive with what little they have. Pray particularly for children who are going hungry.
  2. Pray for resolution to conflict. The Ukraine war has been a disaster for food security. Russia and Ukraine provide almost 30% of the world’s wheat, feeding billions of people. Please pray for the war in Ukraine to cease. Ask that global food supply chains will be restored quickly.
  3. Pray for areas impacted by extreme weather. Extreme weather and drought have collided with the impact of the pandemic, war, and rising inflation. Across the greater Horn of Africa region (including Ethiopia, Uganda, and Kenya) a terrible hunger crisis has been building following the worst drought there since 1981. 13 million people are experiencing severe hunger every day. Please pray for rain and a successful harvest.

Visit Compassion UK’s prayer page for more prayers and reflections.

Compassion UK is a Body in Association with CTE.

Photo credit: Compassion UK