How does CTE support and encourage churches to work together in unity?

Nationally, Churches Together in England brings together 51 national Member Churches from many diverse traditions. Together we unite around CTE’s statement of belief

Locally, churches from a wide range of traditions are working together in many different ways, and there are local Churches Together groups all across our nation. Some local congregations also share church buildings and worship together, leading to some 900 Local Ecumenical Partnerships

County (or ‘intermediate’) bodies draw together local Churches Together groups and other local expressions of Christian unity, working ecumenically at an intermediate level. CTE offers a range of resources, training and staff support to Ecumenical Officers, particularly those working at a county level. 

CTE also works alongside three National Agencies, as well as more than 60 Bodies in Association – a wide range of voluntary groups and charities whose work has an ecumenical dimension, working with Christians of many different traditions. 

Demonstrating our commitment to mission, CTE has a staff member dedicated to evangelisation and mission, encouraging fruitful collaboration as we share together in God’s mission. We also have a staff member dedicated to Pentecostal, Charismatic and multi-cultural relations, and another responsible for supporting church unity at the county level (Intermediate Ecumenism). Our communications team also actively share stories of church unity right across the nation. Find out more about our staff here.