Daily prayers for racial justice: 23-30 May

CTE will be sharing daily prayers on racial justice from our Member Churches, one each day from Sun 23 to Sun 30 May.

To mark the anniversary of George Floyd’s murder, Churches Together in England (CTE) is sharing daily prayers on racial justice from our Member Churches, from Sunday 23 to Sunday 30 May.

The graphics of all the prayers are available below, with the text-only versions available below these.

Prayer graphics

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Dr Lurliene Miller Racial Justice Prayer
Dr Callan Slipper Racial justice prayer

Text-only versions

Sunday 23 May

Rev Dr Lurliene Miller, CTE Trustee, Sousa Ministries/Joint Council of Churches for All Nations

Father God, we grieve the inhumane way in which George Floyd’s precious life was ended. 
We honour the fact that his painful death has given voice and influence for change in the fight for human equity in our world today.
We pray for everyone concerned and ask that you comfort and give your peace to families, friends, and the wider community.

Rev Dr Callan Slipper, National Ecumenical Officer, Church of England

O God,
thank you for the variety of human beings,
with all our nations, cultures, and surprising gifts.
Grant us your Holy Spirit to open our eyes
to all these beauties.
And, as we lament our frequent blindness,
grant those who stumble, even in unconscious ways,
the chance to begin again,
and those who suffer, even when their hurt is hidden,
the grace to find you beyond their pain,
through Christ our resurrection and our life.

Monday 24 May

Bishop Delroy Powell, Presiding Bishop, New Testament Assembly

God of justice, mercy and grace.
You have called us to be reconcilers to a world blighted and broken by racial injustice.
We bring to mind the dehumanizing treatment of black men and women in police custody, the prison system and mental health institutions.
Lord Jesus, in pursuit of your mandate for peace and reconciliation, we will not be silent, indifferent or grow weary in fighting for the oppressed and those for whom justice has been delayed or denied, we pray.

Tuesday 25 May

The #CandleOfJustice Prayer – CTBI’s Director of Inclusion Richard Reddie, and CTE’s Principal Officer for Pentecostal, Charismatic and Multi-cultural Relations Shermara Fletcher

O Lord, you are a God of justice –
may we share your passion for justice,
which can be seen throughout the Bible.
By the power of your Holy Spirit
enable us to stand up for justice
and stand against intolerance.
Thank you that you love each person,
made in the image of God.
Change our hearts to see others as you do.
Allow our hearts to break over the sin of racism,
and our lament to turn into righteous action.

Wednesday 26 May

Fr Mark Odion, Catholic Bishops Conference of England and Wales

O God, the creator of the human race, we thank you for the wonder of our being and for creating us in your image and likeness. Open our hearts to give unconditional positive regard to all human beings, seeing each other as having the same needs, and build a world where freedom, justice, love, truth, unity, and peace prevail. Let no negative perception inform our judgement of other people. We ask this in the name of Jesus the Lord.

Thursday 27 May

Clare Williams Founder of the Get Real Podcast 

Oh Lord, 
Every protest, every picket and every petition has been a cry to you for justice
Every lament, every tear and every sigh has been a cry to you for justice 
You are the God of justice. “Righteousness and justice are the foundation of your throne;
love and faithfulness go before you.” (Psalm 84:14) 
Justice belongs to you. 
Today we pray for willing hearts to partner with you in the pursuit of justice. 
We pray not just for ears to listen or eyes to see, but for hands to work and minds to think to bring about change for the better.  Let this be more than a moment. Let this be a movement for change.
Oh Lord, we commit this prayer, our promises, and our plans for justice into your hands. 

Friday 28 May

Archbishop Costakis Evangelou, International President, Ixthus Church Council

Oh Lord, let your light shine in people’s hearts that the false philosophy that one nation is superior than the other becomes disqualified, Lord, help us to bend our knees, to kneel and bow before The King of Glory, and to pray that the love of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ will melt people’s hearts and disperse hatred and prejudice, and impress upon them the truth that ALL PEOPLE ARE CREATED EQUAL without exception!

Saturday 29 May

Elaine Green, Clerk, Quaker Committee for Christian & Interfaith Relations

“We are all the poorer for the crushing of one man, since the dimming of the Light anywhere darkens us all.”

A reflection from the Book of Discipline, Quaker Faith and Practice, offered in ministry by British Quaker Michael Sorensen in 1986

Sunday 30 May

Fr Morkos Fakhry, Coptic Orthodox Church, Diocese of London

“O God of love and Giver of oneness of heart, Who grants the true oneness of mind towards virtue; Who has also granted unto us, through Your Only Begotten Son, the new commandment that we love one another as You have loved us… We ask You, O our Lord, grant us, throughout our lifetime on earth, and more especially at present, thoughts that do not recall to memory former evil deeds, and a conscience without hypocrisy, but grant us faithful thoughts and a heart full of fraternal love.”

Prayer of Reconciliation; Coptic Orthodox Liturgy of St Cyril.

Jennifer Laurent-Smart, Equality & Diversity Manager, The Salvation Army

God of all creation
Help us to see each other through Your eyes
So, we can appreciate the beauty of diversity and difference.
Help us to walk in Your strength
So, we can challenge inequality and fight injustice.
Help us to feel with Your love
So, we can hold each other with compassion and kindness.
Help us to experience Your peace 
So, we can comfort those who are broken and suffering.
Lord, help us to be more like You. 

Candle of Justice

You can also join Churches Together in England on 25 May 2021 at noon for Candle of Justice: a moment of action –  commemorating the first anniversary of George Floyd’s murder.

The Candle of Justice will be a moment to light a candle, pray for racial justice and commit to taking personal and institutional action to tackle racial injustice in our society and our churches.