1. Introduction

The purpose of these principles is to establish a general set of steps CTE will ensure that invoices are paid within a reasonable amount of time, maximise cash flow and minimise Aged Debtors.

Efforts to ensure a ‘carrot’ approach are the primary mechanism, with a ‘stick’ approach in place as a last resort, recognising that there needs to be consequences in place for the non-payment of invoices.

2. Progressive Steps


  • Before Membership Subscription invoices are raised, efforts are made to ensure that invoicing contact details, with named individuals are provided and updated on our invoicing system
  • Invoices are raised with terms set at 30 days.
  • We utilise Quickbooks’ automatic reminders features, triggering:
    • A ‘nice’ reminder email at 23 days after invoice date.
    • A ‘nice’ due date reminder email at 30 days after invoice date.
    • A ‘nice’ late reminder email at 37 days after invoice date.
  • Late payers receive a telephone reminder at 45 days after invoice date, with follow up telephone calls etc as necessary.
  • If payment has still not been received after 90 days, a letter will be sent to the Customer, with a copy/copies of the outstanding invoice/s requesting payment, and setting out the previous attempts to secure payment.
  • If payment has still not been received after 120 days, and the debtor is a Member Church, the General Secretary will make a telephone call.


  • At the discretion of the General Secretary, or their delegate, continued failure to pay an invoice could result in the restriction/suspending of CTE Member benefits. This could include, but not limited to:
    • Withdrawal of invitations to join in with CTE events e.g. Presidents’ Dinner, invitation to attend Conferences etc
    • Refusal to publicise/promote their activities, news, share recruitment opportunities, ‘News from Member Bodies’/’From our Tradition’ items at Enabling Group etc
  • The ultimate sanction for the non-payment of invoices would be the cancellation of their CTE Membership. Any such decision would be made by the Trustees.