Daily prayers for the Candle of Justice 2022

A prayer for each day from 23 to 29 May 2022 written by leaders and emerging leaders of our national Member Churches

From Monday 23 May through to Sunday 29 May we are encouraging Christians across England to join in daily prayers on the theme of racial justice. These have been written by leaders and emerging leaders from our national Member Churches.  

There is a prayer for each day in graphic and video form. Please share these in your churches and on social media. Don’t forget to use the #CandleOfJustice hashtag and tag us in to your posts using @ChurchesEngland.

On Wednesday 25 May we would like you to join in with the Candle of Justice Prayer at noon if you can, or at another time during that day.

Our media partner for #CandleOfJustice, Premier, will play these prayers on their radio stations during that week. There will also be a special racial justice edition of the Sunday evening Prayers of Hope radio programme on 22 May.

Monday 23 May

A message and prayer from Bishop Tedroy Powell, CTE Pentecostal & Charismatic President

A message and prayer from Rev Helen Cameron, CTE President and Moderator of the Free Churches Group

Tuesday 24 May

A prayer by Victoria Turner, CTE Trustee.

Wednesday 25 May

A prayer written by CTE, CTBI, Evangelical Alliance and National Church Leaders Forum. Read by CTE’s Principal Officer of Pentecostal, Charismatic and Multi-cultural Relations, Shermara Fletcher

Thursday 26 May

A prayer by Daud Irfan, Methodist Youth President 2021-22

Friday 27 May

A prayer by Dr Lisa Adjei, Founder Sankofa Collective UK

Saturday 28 May

A prayer by Rev Dr Israel Olofinjana, Director One People Commission, Evangelical Alliance

Sunday 29 May

A prayer by Rev Dr Lurliene Miller, Vice-Chair of CTE Trustees