Charter of Change

Racism and The Church, a Bristol-based group, sends out a call for commitment to 'chase diversity and challenge racism in the church'

The Charter of Change sets out four guiding principles to enable leaders and congregations to make significant steps forward in dealing with issues of racism within churches.

Launched by Racism and the Church (RATC), an ecumenical group in Bristol, it states that true, more profound and restorative change takes one valuable and crucial factor – commitment.

The Four Principles

  • Committed to Christ (as part of society, as churches and as individuals)
  • Committed to the conversation
  • Committed to actions and better representation
  • Committed to accountability and transparency

RATC acknowledges that “commitment is a long ongoing journey of choices and changes that are more than just a singular statement. They reflect a heart for people, value-driven decisions and clear and deliverable actions. That journey is, of course, a cumulative one over time, but it is also one that builds one sure and solid step at a time.”

To help the step-by-step journey RATC has also created the ‘Good Foundations Checklist’. This provides ten practical steps that churches can begin to look at applying and it gives leadership teams something to focus around.

To get a full copy of the Charter and Checklist as a digital pdf sign up on the RATC website.

Although just based in Bristol at the moment, RATC is keen to partner with like-minded groups across England. They invite people to contact them by email.