Bringing storytellers together

Head of Operations for Christians in Media, Jocelyn-Anne Harvey, introduces the organisation and shares some exciting events for 2024.

Media impacts all our lives. Whether through the stories we share on socials, the films we watch or the latest news we read on our devices. We produce and consume content in a constantly changing media landscape.

Christians in Media has been a pioneer in this arena for nearly 60 years, and we’re keen to respond to these rapid changes, while remaining true to our calling to serve our Lord Jesus Christ and be an agent for his truth, integrity and courage. We believe that working in the media is an honourable profession. But when you think of the people, the Christians behind media workplaces, they often feel alone. In a fast-moving culture, where the truth often appears capricious, remaining rooted in faith can be deeply challenging.

That’s where our charity steps in: supporting, encouraging and inspiring Christians from across secular and religious roles. Our growing network of storytellers brings together church digital teams, content creators, podcasters, filmmakers, presenters, writers, photographers, and many more. 

We fulfil our mission through a variety of ways from regional hub events to our mentoring programme which equips and enables the next generation of leaders to flourish in their faith. Our Faith in Media podcast features unique stories, honest conversations and thought-provoking topics. Its episodes will challenge and inspire anyone interested in the diverse world of media.

Whether we work in, or with media, the one thing we can all do is pray. Prayer is central to our faith: we are called to pray and never has it been so important to stand up for truth, integrity and justice in a world crying out for God’s love, grace and compassion. As the Archbishop of York, Stephen Cottrell said, when supporting our National Day of Prayer for the Media, “The media play a vital and important role in our democracy, holding us all to account, speaking truth to power, often putting their lives on the line to tell the stories that need to be told.”  Together, we can lift up in heartfelt prayer those called to occupy the media public space.

Do connect and get involved with us and join in with 2024’s global day of prayer for the media: Sunday 27 October, as we collaborate with organisations across the world.

Let’s pray for media: Thursday 16 May, 12-1pm

As part of this year’s Thy Kingdom Come (9-19 May) we’re having a special online lunchtime prayer meeting for media. 

Whether you work in your church media team, in the media arena yourself or feel led to pray for this industry, media impacts all of our lives. Prayer is powerful and needed for this crucial area of public space. So, join us on Thursday 16 May, 12-1pm to #pray4media and be encouraged.

We’re honoured to have speakers from across the media industry including: Carla Adebekun (Host) HopeGene Gospel Artist, AstepFWD Host, Co-Founder Programme Director of Cohesia Connect, and Anchor, Faith in Media podcast; Feyisara Olukoga, Content Creator, Editorial Assistant & Podcast Host; David L’Herroux, CEO, UCB; Philip Tutt-Leppard, Director, 360 PR, and Josh Hinton, Head of Communications, LICC.

Book your place at the online prayer meeting.

Christians in Media is a Charity and Network in Association with CTE.

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