Blackpool Churches Strictly Come to Pray!

Christians from across the town hold monthly prayer sessions at the top of Blackpool Tower.

Mission Director of Refreshment UK, Simon Cooper, writes…

Every month, a team of Christians from across Blackpool gather at the top of Blackpool Tower to have a prayer meeting. It is very business-like, we aim to be strategic, authoritative, and sensitive. Getting together gives the team a chance to not only pray, but listen to what God is saying over Blackpool.

Refreshment UK, a Christian mission training charity, has been co-ordinating these gatherings since 2017. We work very closely with the Tower’s management. They really value the meeting and give the team access free of charge. They recently suggested we start half an hour earlier so that we can pray for longer.

Over the years, we have been joined by members of the local Church of England, Baptist churches, The Salvation Army, Independent evangelical churches, Pentecostal churches and Methodist churches.

In 2023, the team have been looking at key local issues and asked God to point out the areas He wanted the focus to be on.

In April, the focus was on Stanley Park, England’s favourite park according to recent awards.  Shortly afterwards, Refreshment entered into a partnership with the Leisure department in Blackpool, and in June, began a Christian running for mental health group each week at the Athletics Track at Stanley Park.

In May, the focus became Blackpool Football Club, which had recently been relegated. By the end of May, a celebration had been arranged for the start of July at the football club, where prayer happened and the gospel was shared with members of staff listening intently.

In June, local schools were the focus. The Trinity Parish (Church of England) is organising a mission this month for our high schools. Before our prayer meeting happened there was only one school signed up. In the week following, five further schools became part of the mission. It is so encouraging to see prayers answered quickly.

We encourage Christians of all traditions to join us every second Saturday of the month for 9.30 am. Please follow this link to register to take part.