Black church leaders speak out in support of covid vaccine

Leaders have come together to reassure their communities.

Some of the UK’s black church leaders have come together to reassure their communities about covid vaccination and its compatibility with their faith.
The church leaders, some of whom have volunteered the use of their churches as pop up vaccinations sites, are sharing their thoughts on how getting vaccinated aligns with their Christian values – and encouraging others to get the vaccine when they’re invited to.

The NHS will be sharing the video on their YouTube page from Wednesday 23 June at 6am.

Watch the video here:

Leaders featured on the video include:

  • Pastor Agu Irukwu – CTE Pentecostal President and pastor of Jesus House, RCCG
  • Rt Revd Dr Karowei Dorgu – Bishop of Woolwich, Diocese of Southwark
  • Dr Sola Fola-Alade – The Liberty Church
  • Rev Doug Williams – Emmanuel Community Church International
  • Rev Dr Joe Aldred – National Church Leaders Forum (and former CTE staff member)
  • Dr Vanessa Apea – Barts Health NHS Trust

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