Ecumenism: The Next Generation

Join this webinar to find how under 35s are shaping the future of unity work and to hear about the launch of The Bill Snelson Young Ecumenists Fund - Tuesday 25 April at 6pm.

If you are a young leader – between 18 and 35 – and passionate about the potential of churches working together you won’t want to miss this online event.

In a fast-paced hour, we’ll hear from leaders from different church traditions about their own ecumenical experiences and the opportunities and challenges in the future of unity work.

We’ll also be announcing the launch of The Bill Snelson Young Ecumenists Fund. Churches Together in England will distribute grants of up to £6,000 a year (in total) to young leaders to help them enjoy ecumenical exploration – study, volunteering, pilgrimage – abroad.

This webinar will be hosted by the Churches Together in England Principal Officer for Pentecostal, Charismatic and Multi-cultural Relations Min. Shermara Fletcher and the Mission Adviser from the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales, Elliot Vanstone.

Our speakers

Dr Anna Krauss, General Secretary of the Council of Lutheran Churches in Great Britain, on Theology and ecumenical practice.

Anna funded her degree through work at the German ecumenical institute. Her doctorate is in Old Testament theology on the origins of the Bible and how people interact with sacred writing. Anna is 34 years old and in May 2023, will start her term as a CTE President for the Fourth Presidency Group.

Dan Morrell, United Reformed Church on Digital mission and the future of church.

Dan is the founder and director of Media for Ministry, working with churches and faith organisations on using digital media for ministry and mission. He loves football, Jesus, guitar and craft beer, but not necessarily in that order.

Contributions from

Rev Kirsty Borthwick, Church of England

Kirsty has explored international ecumenism with the Russian Orthodox Church in Moscow and St Petersburg in 2018 and more recently as a student at the Ecumenical Institute at Bossey for the 2020-21 semester. Kirsty will attend the Malines Conversation Group (an Anglican-Roman Catholic dialogue) in Malta this May as a guest speaker, and complete a placement with the Church of Sweden (Lutheran) in June.

Carla Jacobs, Evangelical Alliance

Carla is the One People Commission Assistant of the Evangelical Alliance. Carla channels her passion for music, travel and people through youth and student leadership, local and national youth worship teams, and her various missions work in the UK and abroad. She works with Safe Families UK, the National Citizen Service.

Chris Jarvis, Church of God in Christ

Chris was recently a panellist at CTE’s Forum 2022 representing young adults across the country. He is the Music Coordinator for the Calvary Church of God in Christ’s National Youth Department. He has been involved in the music ministry at his local church in Luton since the age of 10. Chris works as a keyboardist for the MOBO Award-winning gospel choir, Volney Morgan & New Ye. He has a Master’s degree in Popular Music Performance.

Annika Mathews, Church of England

Annika is the lay representative to the Churches Together England Enabling Group and serves as the sole lay representative on the new Anglican-Methodist group Life in Covenant. Last year, she was a delegate at the World Council of Churches (WCC) Assembly in Karlsruhe and spent a few months living in Christian communities in France.

Isabella Young, Baptist Union

Isabella is the National Baptist Union Young Leaders’ Development Coordinator. Her work involves connecting with and advocating for 18-35’s in the Baptist movement, supporting interns and churches who host or wish to host interns. Isabella is 25 years old and longs to see others growing in both character and competence as disciples of Jesus. Connect with Isabella on instagram @baptistyoungleaders

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