Churches Together in England is represented by Presidents from the major traditions of our national Member Churches. A list of our former Presidents, and the years they served, is available below. 

Read more about CTE’s current Presidents on our main CTE Presidents page.  

Former Presidents of Churches Together in England 

1990-1991        Most Rev and Rt Hon Robert Runcie 
1990-1999        H.E. Cardinal Basil Hume 
1990-1995        Rev John Newton 
1990-1992        Rev Desmond Pemberton 
1991-2002        Most Rev and Rt Hon George Carey 
1993-1998        Rt Rev Bishop Basil of Sergievo 
1995-1999        Rev Kathleen Richardson O.B.E. 
1998-2001        Rowena Loverance 
1999-2003        Rev Anthony Burnham 
1999-2010        H.E. Cardinal Cormac Murphy O’Connor 
2002-2005        Rev Esme Beswick M.B.E. 
2002-2012        Most Rev and Rt Hon Rowan Williams 
2003-2007        Rev David Coffey 
2006-2009        H.G. Bishop Nathan Hovhannisian 
2007-2011        Com Elizabeth Matear 
2011-2014        Rt Rev Jana Jeruma-Grinberga 
2011-2014        Rev Michael Heaney 
2012-2017        H.E. Archbishop Gregorios of Thyateira & GB 
2013-2017        Bishop Eric Brown 
2014-2018        Mr Billy Kennedy
2017-2021        H.G. Archbishop Angaelos
2017-2021        Pastor Agu Irukwu
2014-2022        Rev Dr Hugh Osgood