A service and exhibition

For the centenary of WW1, a service and exhibition to honour the contributions of African and Caribbean Servicemen took place in the New Testament Church of God, Handsworth, Birmingham, with 600 people present on Sunday 2 July 2017.

Watch the whole service:

In the presence of the Lord Mayor, Bishops, local church leaders, representatives who served in the Armed Forces and young people, Regimental Standards were presented and prayer was offered. Presentations were made in video, poetry, dance and song, to honour the soldiers, some of whom were named. The address was given by the Rev’d Rose Hudson-Wilkin, formerly Speaker’s Chaplain in Parliament and a Chaplain to the Queen, and an exhibition, book and video were provided for all guests. 

In the video below, Bishop Joe Aldred, staff member at Churches Together in England for Pentecostal and Multicultural Relations, interviews Dr Angelina Osborne, Project Director for They Also Served, and Revd Prebendary Rose Hudson-Wilkin about the centenary service:

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