The Forum planning team wanted a fresh look for this Forum and launched a competition to find a suitable logo. The winner was Jacky Yomi, a self-taught artist who finished his Master’s degree in Architecture at the University of Westminster the summer before Forum (2021).

Jacky says that his “design was inspired by the Lord’s supper – the round communion wafer symbolising Jesus’ body which was broken for a broken world”.

Jacky lives in London and worships at the New Testament Assembly church in Tooting. He says “God has been my faithful Father and companion throughout a long journey through different nations, and He means everything to me.”

“My wife and I are both passionate about the unity of the body of Christ. Beauty and strength emerge from our unity in our differences. When churches are working in unity, they are indeed playing and singing a beautiful song that brings healing and change in the community.”

Follow Jacky Yomi on Instagram: @jackyyomi